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The Long-Lost Jules

She thinks he’s either a stalker, a nutcase, or a harmlessly eccentric Oxford professor. He thinks she’s the long-lost descendant of Henry VIII’s last Queen, Katherine Parr. Amy is living a cautious life as a London private banker to wealthy oil sheikhs, but her quiet solitude is upended by the sudden appearance of two people: a half-sister who is virtually a stranger to her, and Oxford don Leo. Both need something from Amy, who has been emotionally frozen for years and isn’t sure she has anything left to give. She also harbors deep secrets—as does Leo. Even so, the two join forces to investigate the mystery of Queen Katherine’s lost baby, and soon long-suppressed emotions start to surface—and enemies start to close in. As they crisscross Europe in a quest for answers, Amy and Leo find themselves in danger of losing control of their secrets, their hearts—and maybe even their lives.

Praise for The Long-Lost Jules

A sharp, engrossing international thriller with twists that will keep you turning pages, The Long-Lost Jules is a perfect blend of mystery, high-stakes financial intrigue, and romance. It grabs readers from the first page and doesn’t let go until the satisfying ending.

Lindsay Cameron, award-winning and best-selling author of BIGLAW

The Long-Lost Jules is an action-packed adventure full of British history, flirtation, and subterfuge. Hughes teases the reader, doling out information at an expert pace and keeping readers guessing throughout. Part mystery novel, part romance, this story will keep you up late into the night!

Jacqueline Friedland, award-winning author of Trouble the Water and That's Not a Thing

A mousy banker’s life is turned upside down by a strange man who believes she is a descendant of Henry VIII’s widow. Follow Amy on a whirlwind European tour through historical mystery, financial intrigue, and personal peril, with lots of twists and turns that will keep you guessing. This is an engagingly written page-turner!

Gayle Woodson, award-winning author of After Kilimanjaro

An absorbing and entertaining look at the worlds of English history and international money laundering, wrapped up in a long-unsolved mystery and an intense but unusual love story.

Iris Mitlin Lav, author of A Wife in Bangkok

In The Long-Lost Jules, Jane Elizabeth Hughes has created an enthralling page-turner of a novel about international finance and money laundering that skips from England across the continent and back again. The relationship between private banker Amy and Oxford don Leo is especially engaging. This is a delight to read!

Ames Sheldon, author of Eleanor’s Wars, Don’t Put the Boats Away, and Lemons in the Garden of Love

A missing heir to King Henry VIII, an Oxford scholar who is as sexy as he is inscrutable, and an international mystery plot all add up to one unputdownable wild ride in The Long-Lost Jules. This smart, fast-paced romantic thriller had me guessing with every twist and turn. A very addictive read!

Angela Terry, author of Charming Falls Apart and The Trials of Adeline Turner

With a satisfying ending that resolves all of its mysteries, The Long-Lost Jules is an absorbing mystery novel . . .

Review, Foreword Clarion

A fun and pacy novel, with plenty of twists and turns, and an engaging heroine who is not all that she seems! An enjoyable read.

Janet MacLeod Trotter, international bestselling author of The Sapphire Child

A remarkable story. Jane Hughes has taken captivating characters on an intriguing journey. There’s international flair. A fascinating glimpse of history. Strong and powerful forces vie with each other to plunge the reader into a vivid, complex, and often dangerous world.

Eugenia Lovett West, author of Firewall and Sarah's War

Fast-paced international thriller with enough twists and turns to make an Oxford don dizzy. Hughes takes readers on a breathless journey through the playgrounds of Europe to uncover a centuries-old royal mystery and bust international money-laundering rings. Plot twists, mistaken identity, edge-of-your-seat danger, romance, it’s all there. And when you think the stakes can’t get higher, wait, there’s more. I thoroughly loved this novel!

Ashley E. Sweeney, award-winning author of Answer Creek

A historical mystery brings a dashing Oxford don to mousy Amy. What follows is the slow and delicious unveiling of these intrepid characters doing their best to conceal their true natures while traipsing across Europe following their cross-over agendas. Part adventure story and part romance―and totally engaging.

Maren Cooper, author of A Better Next

I absolutely raced through this book; I loved the blend of historical mystery with modern day thriller and wonderful characters! I tried to predict the twists and turns but just when I thought I had got it, something else came along to send the story down another direction. The back and forth deception and banter between Leo and Amy reminded me of a Cary Grant/Audrey Hepburn movie.

Elisabeth Hobbes, best-selling author of The Secret Agent

The Long-Lost Jules takes readers on a wonderful thrill ride through a fascinating historical mystery. A real page-turner, this book will make you laugh out loud; go breathless with suspense; and smile at the sweetness as a woman discovers her ability to love and care.

Nina Godiwalla, best-selling author of Suits: A Woman on Wall Street

Hughes creates a suspenseful adventure that takes the reader on a thrill ride through Europe to chase down a descendent from the court of Henry VIII.

Ellen Butler, Bestselling author of the Karina Cardinal mysteries

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A shadow fell across the table where I sat, devouring a scone and a novel with equal satisfaction. Frowning and shading my eyes against the watery London sun, I looked up to see a tall, dark stranger gazing down at me.

“Hey, Jules!” the stranger said. “I’ve been looking all over for you!”

Jules! What on earth?

With some regret—this was an interesting distraction—I shrugged my shoulders and turned back to my book. “Sorry,” I said. “You have the wrong person.”

He gestured to the empty chair across the table from me. “May I?”

“Sorry,” I repeated, falling back on all-purpose Brit-speak for I don’t know what you’re talking about, and I don’t want to talk to you. “You must have mistaken me for someone else.”

He hovered uncomfortably between a standing position and a ready-to-sit position, and I eyed him with a mixture of amuse-ment and curiosity.

“Um . . . I can’t believe I finally tracked you down,” he said, shifting from foot to foot and trying, unsuccessfully, to look as if he had never expected an invitation to sit. “It’s such a pleasure to actually meet you.”

“Sorry, but you have the wrong person.” I tried again. “I’m not Jules.”

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