Jane Hughes is an obsessive reader with two fully-loaded Kindles who buys so many books that Amazon sends her a gift every year for the holidays.

Unfortunately, reading novels all day is not an easy career path, so Jane has a day job as professor of international finance at Simmons University School of Business She has also consulted with multinational corporations, institutions, and governments for nearly three decades, on developing financial instruments for social good. Before entering academia, she worked in international banking and government (at the Central Intelligence Agency).

An engaging and accomplished public speaker, Jane has written and lectured widely about international finance throughout the world. She is the author of the forthcoming Greed Gone Good: A Roadmap to Creating Social and Financial Value (Routledge, Fall 2021), which describes the great power of financial markets to deliver both social and financial returns. She has also co-authored, with Scott MacDonald, Separating Fools From Their Money: A History of American Financial Scandals as well as a top-rated textbook on international banking. She has published articles in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, BizEd,  and World Economic Forum, in addition to writing for the popular press, including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones,and The Providence Journal.

While enjoying her business pursuits, Jane’s dream has always been to write novels. She wrote her first “novel” when she was seven. Lorena Lorenson, Student Nurse was possibly a bit derivative (she was deeply into Cherry Ames at the time), but she was hooked. She began seriously writing fiction again in 2006 during an academic sabbatical. With the help of her brilliant agent, Marcy Posner, she published her first novel, Nannyland, with Simon & Schuster Pocket Star Books in 2016.

Now she is thrilled to have found a new home with SparkPress, the publisher of The Long-Lost Jules (August 2021) and her next book, The Spy’s Wife (Spring 2022). Jane never wanted to write the next David Copperfield (sorry; not a Dickens fan) – she loves to write books that she and her friends would enjoy snuggling up with on the couch or in a beach chair. Her writing won the Editors’ Choice Award at the San Diego State University Writers Conference.

A mother of four and granny of eight (the oldest is only seven, so she’s a very busy granny) Jane and her husband raised their children in the literary mecca of Concord, Massachusetts. They now divide their time between the small island of Longboat Key off the coast of Sarasota, and her true homeplace of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Jane graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University with a degree in French Literature. She earned a master’s degree in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, and an MBA from New York University.


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